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Register to attend each October and March as BLI hosts two annual virtual Global Summits.  These free online events focus  on technology, leadership, policy and regulation with speakers within business and law, public and private sector.

Watch here our First Summit with special Key Note Speaker: The Honourable Premier E. David Burt of Bermuda, joined by 22 other global thought leaders.

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BLI Partner: Bermuda & Community

Jacqueline Cooper, CEO of BLI, speaks at the Bermuda Tech Summit 2023 about the power of fintech education through the use of fairy tales. Be a part of the convergence of law, technology, and finance in the heart of Bermuda by watching Bermuda Career Day Talk Shows on BLI YouTube & read The Bitcoin Cinderella & The Pink Sands Treasures of Bermuda (soon to be released).

BLI Partner: New Research To Study Legal Impacts

BLI partners to produce a Research Study on Resources Used By The US Court Systems for Adjudicating Cases Involving Blockchain, Web3, DAOs, AI, and Digital Assets.

BLI Partner: University Of Wyoming

BLI & The University of Wyoming Center For Blockchain & Innovation are working together to share research and events related to further developing technological advancements for the blockchain community. 

BLI Partner: GBBC

Congratulations to the Ambassadors who have stepped up to lead the way for their communities in the 2024 GBBC Cohort.  Many opportunities exist for those who share in the Ambassador programs and activities throughout the year. 

Blockchain Legal Summit Broadcast Topics:


Real World Assets & Blockchain Integration (March 2024)

Sustainability: Climate & Environment: Eco-Tech Frontiers: Leveraging Blockchain and AI For Climate Resilience & Environmental Integrity (Oct 2024)

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Global Perspectives on Blockchain Law (March 2024)

Finance & Money: Green Ledger: The Impact of Blockchain & Defi on Sustainable Finance & Global Economic Policies (Oct 2024)

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DeFi & The Transformation of Financial Services (March 2024)

International Law & Policy: Digital Governance: Shaping International Law & Policy With Blockchain, DAOs, and AI (Oct 2024)

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