Asia Associations

Asia has a vibrant blockchain ecosystem with various associations contributing to its growth and development. Here are some of the prominent blockchain associations in Asia:

1. Blockchain Association of Singapore (BAS): Focuses on fostering the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore through education, advocacy, and networking events.

2. Blockchain India Alliance (BIA): Aims to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in India and works on policy advocacy, education, and industry collaboration.

3. Korea Blockchain Association (KBA): Represents blockchain companies in South Korea, advocating for favorable regulations and supporting blockchain-related initiatives.

4. Japan Blockchain Association (JBA): Promotes blockchain adoption in Japan, engages in policy discussions, and supports research and development initiatives.

5. Hong Kong Blockchain Society (HKBS): Works on promoting blockchain technology in Hong Kong through education, events, and fostering collaboration among industry players.

6. Blockchain Association of Thailand: Aims to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Thailand through education, advocacy, and facilitating partnerships.

7. Blockchain Association of Malaysia (BAM): Focuses on promoting blockchain technology in Malaysia, advocating for supportive regulations, and fostering industry growth.

8. Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP): Works on promoting blockchain awareness and adoption in the Philippines, supporting startups and initiatives in the space.

9. Blockchain Indonesia Association (BIA): Engages in promoting blockchain technology in Indonesia through education, events, and collaboration initiatives.

10. Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain & Industry Self-Regulatory Organization (IPSRO): A coalition advocating for blockchain technology’s use and development in Taiwan.

These associations contribute significantly to the development, education, and advocacy of blockchain technology in their respective countries, fostering innovation and creating a conducive environment for the industry to thrive in Asia. Please check back for updates to this page.

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