Advance Degrees To Support Your Blockchain Career Journey

Join The Blockchain Legal Institute and enjoy a 10% discount on your higher education advance degrees. Your pursuit of knowledge and professional development starts now. The future of law is on blockchain. This is your invitation to start your journey with masterminds courses, curated content, and real world business applications. BLI believes individuals within the world require diverse skill sets and knowledge needed within the fields of blockchain law, artificial intelligence, Web3, distributed ledger technologies, DAOs, Metaverse and blockchain use cases.

We invite you to explore the wealth of educational offerings available through the BLI’s portal and take the first step toward realizing your academic and career aspirations.

Jacqueline Cooper, JD, MA LDT, NBCT, CCI, BMM

CEO, Blockchain Legal Institute

To enjoy a 10% discount on professional certifications visit here.

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