Honorary Advisory Committee

The Honorary Advisory Committee for the Blockchain Legal Institute (BLI) is a group of distinguished individuals with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of blockchain technology, law, education, finance, and governance. Their primary role is to provide strategic guidance, offer insights, and lend their credibility to BLI’s mission of promoting legal and regulatory frameworks for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Here’s an explanation of their backgrounds and roles:

  1. Blockchain Experts: Renowned blockchain experts will provide guidance on additional areas of advancements within blockchain technology, helping to ensure that the institute stays current with the rapidly evolving industry.
  2. Legal Scholars: Distinguished legal scholars and professors with expertise in digital asset, cryptocurrency law and regulation will provide legal insights and analysis, helping BLI navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Financial Regulation Specialists: Former regulators and those in the banking and finance community will advise BLI on financial regulatory matters, offering guidance on how to address compliance issues and promote responsible blockchain adoption.
  4. Blockchain Entrepreneurs: Successful blockchain entrepreneurs and founders of multiple blockchain startups will share their entrepreneurial experience and industry connections, helping BLI foster partnerships and collaborations within the blockchain ecosystem.
  5. Academic Leaders: Academic leaders in blockchain, digital asset, infrastructure and cryptocurrency research, with a focus on blockchain’s societal impacts, will contribute to BLI’s research initiatives, ensuring that the institute’s work aligns with academic rigor and addresses critical societal questions.
  6. Government Advisors: Former government officials with expertise in technology policy and regulation will offer guidance on how BLI can engage with government agencies and advocate for sensible blockchain policies.

These committee members play a crucial role in guiding BLI’s initiatives, ensuring that the institute remains at the forefront of blockchain legal and regulatory developments, and helping to shape a responsible and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Our Evolving Decentralized Committee:

Alejandro Mandujano: A 25-year experienced executive in the IT, Data Center, Telecoms & IT Infrastructure Compliance Blockchain Industry focusing on the financial, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment markets. Director of GBA´s Global Ops and GBA´s Iberoamerica Region. Leads the 1st GBA Working Group in Spanish responsible for translating the Blockchain Maturity Model Series Documents and Supplements into Neutral Spanish, and developing Training courses, seminars, and Blockchain content in Neutral Spanish. CEO of Highline Technologies, the 1st BAP in Iberoamerica. Focused on Blockchain Risk Management, Governance, Compliance, Digital Asset Recovery, Forensics & arbitration, BMM Advisory services, and BMM Internal Assessments. One of the Founders of the International Law Tech Consortium.

Carmen Indalecio (aka Carmen Crypto): Carmen Crypto is a blockchain enthusiast with three years of hands-on experience in the industry. Her journey in blockchain began with curiosity and quickly evolved into a deep passion for the transformative potential of this technology. Carmen currently serves as the Head of Business Development for, a SiriusIQ Ai company, she plays a pivotal role in driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships. She is committed to demystifying complex blockchain concepts, making them accessible to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. As an educator and advocate, she shares her knowledge through speaking engagements and online forums, fostering a greater understanding of blockchain’s capabilities. Carmen is also skilled in forming strategic partnerships within the crypto space, and she is dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of blockchain ecosystems.

Anthony Howell: A prominent figure in international relations, currently holding the esteemed position as an Overseas Representative for the Government of Bermuda and serving as the Director of the Washington DC Office. With a primary focus on promoting Bermuda in the global discourse, Anthony has been influential in spearheading and supporting business development initiatives, particularly those in the burgeoning fintech and digital asset sector. His success in stimulating economic growth is backed by a strategic approach of engaging with US political thought leaders and business magnates, and fostering stronger ties and collaborations with various political and business entities to continue to propel Bermuda’s standing on the international stage, especially in regard to its internationally recognized role as the most prominent insurance and reinsurance capital in the world.   Anthony holds advanced degrees in Law, History, Political Science, and Global Diplomacy, which have been pivotal in navigating the intricate web of international business, diplomacy, and policy-making, Additional certifications & specializations include Financial Technology, Climate Change and Sustainable Investing, and ESG. Anthony also serves on several committees and organizations, including the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) Technology Legal & Regulatory Subcommittee and the Global Business Blockchain Council (GBBC) US Policy Working Group, and is also a Research Associate, for the Political Economy Policy Lab at the Africa Center for Strategy and Policy, where he contributes to publications addressing the growing emergence of Digital Assets in West Africa.

Nadja Bester: Co-Founder (AdLunam Inc.), Entrepreneur, board member, advisor, award-winning startup mentor, speaker, author, and host of the successful podcast The Future of NFTs. She is also the executive producer of a Netflix documentary on the future of the internet and the evolution of the digital self through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Web3, AI, and spatial computing. With nearly two decades of experience in marketing and communications and former owner of two marketing agencies, she has a proven track record that includes a role as a former Chief Digital Marketing Officer in the pharmaceutical industry. Nadja’s impressive tenure in the blockchain sector since 2017 includes consulting and fractional CMO roles where she significantly contributed to fundraising efforts that collectively secured over $300 million for various companies. In addition to her broad consulting and leadership roles, she has contributed as a journalist to several publications, including and Nadja has been featured in media outlets like International Business Times, Benzinga, HackerNoon, Be in Crypto, L’Atelier BNP Paribas, The South African, DC News Now, and Viet Nam News. AdLunam is a trailblazer in the Web3 investment sphere, functioning as the world’s first gamified NFT-integrated Web3 investment platform. The company’s platform provides seedpad access, hands-on advisory services, and NFT integration, enabling users to transform the community’s growth.

Michael Charles Borrelli: AI & Partners Co-Founder. He is a highly accomplished Web3 and AI management consultant with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. Known for his expertise in emerging technologies and their application within organizations, Michael has consistently delivered innovative solutions and strategic guidance to drive business growth and transformation. Throughout his career, Michael has been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and AI, helping companies leverage these cutting-edge technologies to achieve their strategic objectives. His deep understanding of blockchain, decentralized applications, and artificial intelligence has enabled him to assist organizations in navigating complex digital ecosystems, unlocking new opportunities, and mitigating potential risks. He has successfully led numerous projects involving digital transformation, process automation, data analytics, and strategic technology adoption. Prior to his consulting career, Michael Charles Borrelli obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Finance. He further expanded his expertise through professional certifications in Web3 technologies and artificial intelligence, solidifying his position as a trusted advisor in these domains.

Sean Musch: AI-Partners, Co-Founder of AI & Partners. Sean has an extensive background in the entertainment industry (e.g. film and art), and has a specialism in design. Alongside this, Sean has more than a decade of experience in the professional services sector, including holding the position of a tech accountant for 5 years. Sean knows about auditing and has helped with an IPO on the New York stock exchange. As well as being a compliance expert, he has deep expertise in implementation aspects of audit & assurance engagements, and has been working with the largest global tech MNEs over the past 5 years.

Michelle St Jane LL.b, MA, PhD: Academic & Business Consultant, OW2 Bermuda, CEO and Co-Chair responsible for Bermuda pilot logistics. A climate conscious professional committed to being in the relationship of alliances for green global transformation. Co mission: Inspiring individuals to simple daily practices that help to build a healthier, more stable sustainable 🌱future in this decisive decade. Michelle is an intergenerational collaborator & community creator who candidly shares her experiences on the journey as she leaves her 🟢 👣 in the digital sands ⏳ of the wisdom economy. Shown up in 5 diverse careers, with roles ranging from general legal counsel, ecosystem builder, advisor, board member, trustee, project manager, social enterprise founder, volunteer, c-suite executive, and impact investor.

Diego Torres, Founder, JADA-AI. Diego is an AI Scientist and Technologist developing Jada, a next-generation human-level Artificial Intelligence being designed to be truly ethical, sustainable and possess zero-flaw precision, capable of helping humanity solve its tallest challenges. Recently secured funding to accelerate the development of the Jada Mark I Prototype and begin field testing and adoption for enterprises.

Anurag Yadev – CEO & Co-Founder of PrimaFelicitas. Anurag is an entrepreneur, sits on the Advisory Boards of Blockchain companies, consults companies in implementing emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT, and is a regular Keynote speaker at Global Technology Conferences. He has over 22 years of experience, has led Global Organizations, and has lived and worked in several countries. Anurag is also the Co-Founder & CEO of PrimaFelicitas, a San Francisco, London, New Delhi, and Buenos Aires-based, 11-year-old Bleeding-edge Technology Solutions Development Company focused on Web3, AI, and IoT solutions. Anurag is an Engineering Graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and holds a Master’s in Business from Stanford University.

Dr. Chris Smithmyer: Black Wallet CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Chris Smithmyer holds advanced degrees in Law, Business, Conflict Management, Labor Relations, and International Transactions. He is a professor of MBA Business at Doane University (ADJ) and the author of over 10 books. His books “Dragons of the Digital Age” (co-written with the team) and “Digital Exchequer” have reached the top of Amazon’s corporate taxation and cryptocurrency charts, the third book on the topic “The Stablecoin Book” is well on its way to reaching the same heights. Dr. Smithmyer has been featured in such journals as Harvard Business Review, U.S. News and World Report, and Finance Magnates.

Matthew Rogers, Co-Founder & CTO, Blockchain Legal Institute. is an accomplished executive, hackathoner, and college lecturer. His leadership spans decades in solutions architecture, software engineering, marketing and advertising, encompassing both Fortune 500 giants and innovative startups. Matthew’s hub is in multiple cities, where he spearheads strategic initiatives for the causes he supports including the continuing blockchain education of learners of all ages, developing global blockchain standards, creating projects to support cultural preservation and overseeing conferences such as developed by the Blockchain Legal Institute and the Youth Crypto Conference.

Enrique Anzar, Blockchain Attorney, Entrepreneur, Compliance Officer & ESG Consultant. Admitted in Spain (1988) and England and Wales (1994) with professional experience in very diverse and complex environments. Expert in legal and compliance implications of Blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies. Associate Professor at IE Law School (Business Ethics, Blockchain: Legal & Compliance implications, Business Ethics & Compliance) and IE Business School (Governance and Sustainability, at Advanced Management & in-company programs). Professor of Fundamentals of Blockchain at “Ahora Tú” program, of SEPI Foundation. Professor of Blockchain Foundation at Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Professor in the Master in Compliance of the Barcelona Bar Association. Professor at UNIR & Universidad del Valle (Guatemala). Co-founder of asset tokenization project (RealFund), satisfactorily supervised by the
Spanish securities regulator (CNMV) as part of the first cohort of the Spanish financial sandbox.

Radhakrishnan Mahalingam, Blockchain Consultant,(State of Qatar): Radhakrishnan M, a Legal Luminary award , Global CIO award, Digital CEO award holder is a consummate Chief Transformation Advisor in Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies with specializations in Legal technology and Space services platform. Recognized internationally as a Digital CEO, visionary and thought leader holding BMM®, ICDL, BFC , BPM , WHO , COP28 certifications with 25+ yrs of successful ICT Transformation, Blockchain consulting, Digital Innovations Management, Global Digital Vision management in multiple domains such as Legal technology, Space & Defense research, BFSI, Healthcare, Smartcity, Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Life Science and Pharmaceuticals. An Influencer for Blockchain Maturity modelling (BMM) and Blockchain Advisory services in MENA region, he also leads and participates in Hackathons, Judge Competitions , Mentor Youths interested in Space technology and Emerging technologies like Blockchain.

Stories About Our Decentralized Committee:

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