Digital Asset Regulatory Authority (DARA)

The Digital Asset Regulatory Authority is an Initiative of the Blockchain Legal Institute designed to bring together a decentralized community of innovative thinkers. Join us!

DARA empowers businesses in the USA to thrive with crypto-regulations that focus on economic development, safety and compliance.
DARA orchestrates the self-regulation activities of a diverse ecosystem that includes exchanges, token issuance platforms, blockchain technologies, crypto mining operations, and market makers. DARA fosters a self-regulatory organization that embodies the highest standards of transparency and integrity while promoting innovation.

A Vision For Economic Development

DARA members progress a vision where the United States is recognized globally as the premier hub for cryptocurrency enterprises, celebrated for its supportive and innovative regulatory framework. The Digital Asset Regulatory Authority is committed to this vision, promoting technological advancements and economic growth. We advocate for a balanced approach that enhances market flexibility while ensuring responsible oversight

The Purpose of DARA

We provide precise, consistent regulatory guidance to empower companies within the cryptocurrency sector to prosper. DARA creates a secure environment where entrepreneurs and consumers can engage with the digital economy with confidence and security.

DARA Core Values

DARA operations are guided by transparency, integrity, and fair economic systems. We are committed to utilizing blockchain and AI-augmented methods to uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity, ensuring that the United States continues to lead in blockchain innovation.

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