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Washington D.C., September 6,, 2023 /– The Blockchain Legal Institute today announced a partnership with the Government of Bermuda’s Overseas Office in Washington D.C.  to provide access to timely resources relevant for the legal community within Bermuda  and beyond.

Additionally, Jacqueline Cooper (CEO – Blockchain Legal Institute) has been invited to speak at the Bermuda Tech Summit 2023 (October 9-10) about the use of storytelling to support financial education as the internationally acclaimed author of the Bitcoin Cinderella blockchain adventure series.  The conference will be held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club as hosted by the Bermuda Business Development Agency.

The Blockchain Legal Institute is designed as a centralized library of resources that is used to bridge the gap to decentralized resources between the blockchain community, legal field and new businesses. helps  consumers, professionals, lawyers, and governments navigate the legal implications of this transformative technology through a centralized hub.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Bermuda, a visionary hub of innovation and progress. This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to blend our expertise at the Blockchain Legal Institute with Bermuda’s forward-thinking approach. Together, we will chart a course towards a more dynamic and sustainable future that benefits Bermuda industries, communities, and people everywhere.” said Jacqueline Cooper, JD, CEO at BLI. 

The partnership with Bermuda  strengthens the Blockchain Legal Institute’s commitment to providing timely resources related to the developments within the fintech community and the legal issues involved with these tools and businesses. 

“We are delighted to have a working relationship with the BLI and use them as our source for pertinent information in blockchain to help us keep well-informed in such a rapidly expanding and evolving industry,” said Anthony Howell, the Overseas Representative for the Government of Bermuda in the US as well as the Director of Bermuda’s Washington DC Office. “We are also excited that Jacqueline has chosen Bermuda to be the next location in her Bitcoin Cinderella series and will be joining us during our Bermuda Tech Summit.”

The Blockchain Legal Institute (BLI)  will be hosting virtual continuing education events and offering in depth publications  to further support those exploring education about blockchain and policy developments not only in Bermuda, but in all countries around the world. 

Member Partner: Anthony J. Howell, Director & Overseas Representative of the Washington D.C. Office: Government of Bermuda | The Cabinet Office, Liberty Place | 325 7th Street NW, Suite 350, Washington D.C., 20004 – Extension: 809-0059 – Direct Number: 202-500-7200. Email:[email protected]

Bermuda, a hub of innovation and technology, is at the forefront of ongoing commercial and educational endeavors. We invite you to join us in person from October 9th-10th, 2023, at the Bermuda Tech Summit, where you can gain valuable insights from visionary leaders in the field of legal direction, brought to you by the Blockchain Legal Institute. Be a part of this dynamic event and explore the convergence of law, technology, and finance in the heart of Bermuda.

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