Vandale Callendar & Christopher Powell: Project Pi

Vandale Callender and Christopher Powell are the co-founders of Project Pi. ProjectPi is a pioneering blockchain node infrastructure company.

Vandale studied computer science at Georgia State University. Vandale found blockchain through gaming back in 2017, when he used Bitcoin to buy in-game assets. When he saw a 10x profit on his holdings, he was fully converted to the value of Crypto. Later, during an internship at Mailchimp, he saw the value of blockchain for data management.

Christopher studied physics in college at GSU. Christopher also was introduced to blockchain in 2017. On a trip to Starbucks, he struck up a conversation with a random guy that was working on a computer at the coffee shop who mentioned $XRP. After the Crypto token took off, Christopher spent time researching the sector and learning more. A few years later, he dove in further by writing documentation and creating videos to explain blockchain nodes for several chains. This led to a job as a community manager for one of those groups.

The pair met at a weekly Thursday event at the Atlanta Blockchain Center. After sharing information on their own Crypto journeys, they quickly decided to go into business together. Both founders have entrepreneurial experience, so starting a new company seemed like a natural next step. They zeroed in on the idea of creating a new approach to blockchain nodes, and Project Pi was born.

Their first move earlier this year was building physical nodes using Raspberry Pi computer boxes. More recently, they have added a distributed node service offering. These nodes allow blockchain developers and others to run calculations and manage chains. The business has only been operating for about six months and has already managed to get several blockchains live on their platform.

Special Thanks to Author, Brian Zwerner – Medium

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