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The Nordic Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization established in 2017 that has grown to become the largest professional web3 network in the Nordic countries of Europe, with members comprising top industry specialists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporations committed to shaping the future of blockchain and other emerging technologies. The Nordic Blockchain Association takes pride in years of experience, with their unique position and platform, offering exceptional value in the web3 space through premier networking events, conferences, and cross-industry collaborations with key stakeholders, as they intend to continue to promote the growth and development of the web3 industry in the northern region of Europe and beyond by uniting the largest web3 network in the Nordics with the global community. The Nordic Blockchain Association actively collaborates with a diverse array of organizations, leveraging their varied perspectives, expertise, and resources to drive their shared objectives forward. Diplomatic institutions, notably embassies, are significant allies, aiding in bridging and promoting the Nordic region as a hub for blockchain innovation and fostering cross-border cooperation. Additionally, they actively engage with global blockchain associations, broadening their network to essential stakeholders, exchanging best practices, and amplifying their unified voice and collective efforts. They also maintain fruitful interactions with students, professors, and university researchers, benefiting from their valuable insights on blockchain technology. The Nordic Blockchain Conference is the largest blockchain and web3 event in Scandinavia, held annually in the Nordic region. The Nordic region is renowned for its trusted taste, dedication to sustainability, innovation, and technology. Building on this legacy, the Nordic Blockchain Conference promises a 5-star experience, bringing together Nordic leaders, web3 investors, researchers, and innovative web3 companies from the Nordic region and beyond. This conference is designed to encourage valuable networking, share unique insights, and provide equal opportunities for all participants. Over two enriching days, attendees will engage in enlightening discussions delivered by respected voices within the blockchain industry. Additionally, the event will showcase an NFT art gallery, a bustling business district, and exclusive business lounges, all aimed at fostering an interactive environment where networking takes precedence for achieving success. The Nordic Blockchain Conference covers topics such as DeFi, sharing economy & tokenization, digital collectibles, sustainability & inclusion, metaverse & gaming, legal & regulations, security & scalability, investments & VC, and AI & blockchain in healthcare, supply chain, real estate, among other sectors.

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