Existing Blockchain Projects:  – Water Blockchain Applications

TraSeable Solutions (

    Supply chain accountability that can provide verification of standards or claims that vendors advertise as they relate to fishing or farming practices. Record of compliance or testaments are kept using distributed ledger technology so that consumers can be confident in their sustainable purchasing. Verification of ethical vendors benefits all such that unethical and illegal vendors are pushed out of the supply chain.

Eliminating Plastic in the Ocean

ReSea Project (

Batches of plastic collected from the ocean are tokenized to a blockchain ledger to record a picture, location, and volume before being redistributed to plastic recyclers. The value of the plastic batches can be incentivized by organizations who want verifiable proof that plastic is being collected and managed properly using distributed ledger technology.

Conserving Water


    Distributed ledger can be used to track the exchange and usage of water rights to track and uphold water system integrity. The amounts collected from certain amounts of water from lakes or reservoirs can be easily transferred between parties while also having more accurate record of climate status.

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