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2024 Conversations From Around The World

EthDenver BLI Legal Panel

Dying is a Bitch: How to Beat The Grim Reaper With Your Digital Assets: Hosted by Jacqueline Cooper, CEO of Blockchain Legal Institute, and Matthew Rogers, Co-Founder of Blockchain Legal Institute at the Spork Castle on Monday, February 26th, at 3:50 p.m.

A distinquished panel (Jacqueline Cooper, Matthew Rogers, Amber Welch, Laura Cole) discuss how to create your generational wealth plan with your digital assets.

HackHERZ PodcastHackHERZ Podcast338 followers338 followers19m •     19m •

“So sue me, I’m a Princess!” is live now on all major streaming platforms! We talk with Jacqueline Cooper from the “Bitcoin Cinderella” Book series, Blockchain Legal Institute about all things Web3, cruises, and adoption through stories.

2023 Conferences:

Bermuda FinTech Conference: Key Note Speaker @ Lunch

Government Blockchain Association: Speaker at the Blockchain & Infrastructure: The Rise of AI

Twitter Spaces:

CryptoMom2 On The William Laurent Twitter Space:

AdLunam Twitter Space:

Talks With CryptoMom2 #MProtocol

American Crypto Academy:

October 24th 2023 Blockchain Legal Institute Education Summit

Boom On The Blockchain: Talk Show

Bitcoin Cinderella & The Metaverse | Conversation With CryptoMom2

2024 – SheNodes: Part 1 of CryptoMom2 Interview on SheNodes – A Story Of Discovery….

The Bitcoin Cinderella & The Blockchain Legal Institute at Pacific Bitcoin with the El Salvador AsoBitcoin!

Interview on Goose Magazine Television & Feature in Goose Magazine.

2024 – CryptoMom2 learns about Ethereum & Staking as Taught by SheNodes.

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