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Blockchain Legal Institute Partners with CoinTracking — Enjoy 10% Discount

The Blockchain Legal Institute (BLI) is pleased to announce its partnership with CoinTracking, a leading cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and tax compliance tool. This collaboration aims to provide our social media network with a reliable resource for managing their digital assets and ensuring compliance with tax regulations & a 10% discount for using the link below.

CoinTracking is a comprehensive platform that allows users to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio across various exchanges and wallets. It offers detailed insights into investment performance, portfolio value, and asset allocation. Additionally, CoinTracking simplifies the tax filing process by generating accurate tax reports, ensuring users remain compliant with evolving tax regulations.

– Portfolio Tracking: Consolidates all cryptocurrency holdings from multiple exchanges and wallets into a single dashboard.

– Tax Compliance: Automatically generates tax reports that comply with the latest IRS guidelines, making it easier for users to file their cryptocurrency taxes accurately.

– Performance Metrics: Provides detailed performance metrics and analytics, helping users make informed investment decisions.

– Security: Ensures the security of user data with robust encryption and privacy measures.

The Blockchain Legal Institute recognizes the importance of providing its members with reliable tools to manage their digital assets and remain compliant with tax regulations. CoinTracker is one of the many resources available through BLI, selected for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive tracking capabilities, and robust tax compliance features.

– Enhanced Support: You can benefit from CoinTracking’s intuitive platform to manage their cryptocurrency investments more effectively.

– Tax Compliance: With CoinTracking users can easily generate accurate tax reports, reducing the complexities associated with cryptocurrency tax filing.

While CoinTracking is a valuable resource, BLI encourages you to always do your research and to explore other platforms and tools available in the market.

Visit as we learn about the diverse range of tools and resources, BLI aims to support you in navigating the complexities of digital asset management and regulatory compliance effectively.

For more information and to explore its features, visit Cointracking.

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