Oge Anene: Legal Research Consultant

Oge Anene is a lawyer, called to the Nigerian Bar in 2012, with a wealth of resources, skills, and life experience dedicated to helping people craft a new reality and live a more fulfilling life.

Oge is a Blockchain lawyer, at the forefront of Blockchain Tech Investments, and plays a pivotal role as a consultant to companies entering the world of blockchain and asset tokenization. She authors articles on Web3 technology focusing on its ongoing advancements for Business-Day Nigeria Newspaper

As a modern guide to African businesses and entrepreneurs, Oge Anene is committed to unraveling the emerging opportunities within blockchain, with a specific focus on real-world asset tokenization. Through executive training and workshops, she is part of a team that paves the way for this innovative venture to thrive in Africa.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she’s a passionate traveler, always seeking new and improved methods, dedicated to serving others, and building meaningful relationships.

AREAs OF INTEREST: Tokenization of Real World Assets, Regulation & Compliance, Cryptocurrency and Wealth Management

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