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In Support Of Your Path To Career Excellence & Development, Professionals From Around The World Are Now Offering Certificates Within The BLI’s Innovative Technology Big Picture Bootcamp!

From attorneys and CPAs to professionals, students, or those eyeing a career shift, the Center opens doors to a wealth of professional certification and career readiness options. Our offerings span live seminars, symposiums, institutes, online webcasts, phone seminars, video, and webcast replays, catering to diverse learning preferences and needs.

The specific focus, mission, and activities of the Center is to play a pivotal role in advancing the blockchain & innovative technology ecosystems, promoting research, education, and innovation in our rapidly evolving field.

The Innovative Technology Center Is A Portal to…

Enjoy Exclusive Access to BLI’s Centralized Library of comprehensive decentralized resources on diverse blockchain topics by joining BLI as a member. Dive into our library of print, online, videos and other resources to include White Papers where expert authors share their in-depth research and analysis on complex blockchain legal issues.


…A wealth of resources designed to enrich your understanding of the law of innovative technologies and its diverse applications. Our aim is to empower our members and visitors with knowledge, offering a comprehensive collection of educational materials that span various formats to suit different learning preferences.


Publish To BLI Library To Earn C.L.E. along with professional recognition as a published voice within the Library.

Gain International Recognition with Certificates: Enhance your credentials with curated learning paths for legal and business professionals taught by international practitioners.

 Customized Innovative Education Boot Camps

Offer Innovative Technology Boot Camps to your law firm, corporation, community college, or university with a customized Innovative Technology Boot Camp educational package to support the needs and background knowledge for your firm or group. Email [email protected] for bulk BLI member discounts.

Experience Continuing Education On A Cruise Academy & Travel: Transform your career outlook by participating in learning from 27 professional panels about timely topics re Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Defi, artificial intelligence & more on a cruise designed as a floating academy (

The Big Picture Boot Camps

Big Picture Boot Camp Workshops focus on our commitment to foster an educated, informed community around the laws of innovative technologies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments or a newcomer to the field, we have the resources to support your learning journey.

Master Classes: These classes offer access to a series of comprehensive and engaging topics designed by those within this evolving community to enhance your understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding innovative technology, blockchain forensics, blockchain maturity models & more. The Master Classes offer immersive learning experiences led by experienced professionals in the field. Here, you’ll find a platform for active engagement with instructors and peers, encouraging dynamic discussions and practical problem-solving scenarios.

Continuing Legal Education: Our C.L.E. classes offer legal professionals the opportunity to stay updated, expand their expertise, & meet state bar requirements. Tailored to foster career advancement & enhance service to clients, our CLE courses are your gateway to mastering new legal trends within the innovative technologies, blockchain topics & its specialties.

Youth Education Initiatives to Include Diverse Learners: We are designing programs to integrate fintech and blockchain technology into youth education globally, enhancing career readiness skills from elementary through high school. To bring the programs to your community and discover how we integrate complex digital topics to prepare students to innovate and thrive in a tech-driven future, email [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Self Study options include following the Blockchain Legal Institute & CryptoMom2 Business Talk Show Interviews: These Talk Shows present an engaging format for exploring innovative technologies, blockchain law, featuring conversations with legal experts, tech pioneers, and thought leaders. The shows facilitate a dialog on current issues and future prospects of blockchain law, offering you the chance to hear firsthand from those shaping the field. To obtain the self study guides for your continuing education requirements, email [email protected].

Note to U.S. based attorneys needing to fulfill your 12 credit hours, you can find robust support here for your Continuing Legal Education through the workshops we offer. We can support the requirements of your location via self study, publication, or webinar format. Reach out to the BLI’s online librarian ([email protected]).

Other Continuing Education Opportunities: BLI is proud to be a partner with the Blockchain Council. To enjoy other workshops offered by the Blockchain Council and to enjoy a discounted Membership For Classes, click link provided.

The Innovative Technology Center’s Objectives

  1. Research: Conducting research to advance the understanding and development of innovative technology, including its applications, scalability, security, and governance.
  2. Education and Training: Providing educational programs, courses, and workshops to train individuals, professionals, and organizations on blockchain technology, its use cases, and its implications.
  3. Innovation and Development: Supporting blockchain-related projects, startups, and initiatives aimed at creating innovative solutions, applications, and platforms utilizing innovative technology.
  4. Policy and Regulation: Engaging with policymakers, regulators, and industry stakeholders to contribute to the development of blockchain-friendly policies, standards, and regulations.
  5. Community Building: Fostering a community of blockchain enthusiasts, experts, developers, and entrepreneurs to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  6. Consulting and Advisory Services: Offering consultancy and advisory services to businesses and organizations looking to integrate technology solutions into their operations or navigate blockchain-related challenges.

Let us know what you need to support your professional career journey. We have many projects to support your growth & certification requirements. The BLI’s Global Innovative Technology Center provides an opportunity to participate in research, education, and innovation within the field of innovative technology.

Enjoy workshop discounts as a member of the Blockchain Legal Institute by joining today.

To receive a 10% discount on selected classes at the following educational partners, email [email protected].

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