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These professional development classes will include case studies, reading materials, and practical applications to provide a comprehensive understanding of both the technological aspects and the evolving legal nuances. Guest lectures and industry insights will enhance the learning experience. Each class will provide access to a required reading list and resources to continue learning after the workshop. An evaluation will be provided after your class. Attendance will be monitored. An attorney team member of the Blockchain Legal Institute will be available during the webinars to answer questions related to presentation content.

In these workshops, you will have the opportunity to:


    • Explore the tools, emerging trends, and innovations driving the blockchain,Bitcoin & fintech community.

    • Gain insight into the current blockchain ecosystem, including notable blockchain businesses, and impacting legal issues

    • Examine the legal issues surrounding how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are disrupting traditional banking and financial services.

    • Learn the factors and strategies that legal counsel for  fintech and blockchain communities need to be aware of.

Introduction to Blockchain Technology For New Attorneys 101: Overview of Blockchain: Concepts and Evolution; Types of Blockchain: Public, Private, Consortium; Key Technologies: Cryptography, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Introduction to Bitcoin 101: Overview of Bitcoin’s History; Global Perspectives: Overview of Legal Issues 

Legal Frameworks and Blockchain: Understanding Regulatory Environments Globally; Case Studies: How Different Jurisdictions Handle Blockchain: Compliance with Existing Laws: Money Laundering, KYC, Data Protection

Smart Contracts and Legal Implications: What Are Smart Contracts?; Legal Status of Smart Contract; Challenges in Enforcing Smart Contracts

Intellectual Property Rights in Blockchain; Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks in the Blockchain Space; Blockchain and Digital Content Management; NFTs and Intellectual Property Issues

Cryptocurrencies and Legal Considerations: Regulatory Landscape for Cryptocurrencies: Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency Transactions: Cryptocurrency in Estate Planning and Succession

Legal Issues For Blockchain in Various Sectors: Finance and Banking: Healthcare: Supply Chain Management: Real Estate

Privacy and Data Security in Blockchain: GDPR and Blockchain: Compatibility Challenges: Data Privacy Concerns with Blockchain Solutions: Security Vulnerabilities and Legal Recourse

Dispute Resolution and Blockchain: Blockchain for Arbitration and Mediation: Jurisdictional Challenges in Blockchain Disputes: Case Studies: Resolving Blockchain-Related Disputes

Emerging Trends and Future Legal Landscape: Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): The Role of AI and IoT in Blockchain

Course Capstone: Research Project or Practical Assignment: Guest Lectures from Industry Experts: Discussion Forums and Interactive Workshops

Introduction To The Legal Issues Involving Web3, DAOs, & Fintech: Analyze the overall legal issues lawyers need to know to support clients: Expand your understanding of how to research legal issues within the economic, technological, and global supply chain.: Identify & understand the legal issues involving segmentation

 Analytical Methods and Tools For Legal Applications for Real-World Fintech Problems: Review the limitations of traditional questionnaires and administrative datasets: Learn resources for transaction data to apply it to legal business questions

The Blockchain Ecosystem: Explore strategies for analyzing your client’s needs when doing a start-up blockchain company: Evaluate the blockchain assessment models & trends required to be a successful corporate lawyer to a blockchain company

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of these workshops, participants will receive a verified digital certificate of completion to participants.

Networking Opportunity

In addition to the webinars, this program includes a dedicated networking session where you will interact with your classmates and instructors to build your professional network. Participants will meet a variety of professionals from various industries and geographies.

Classes vary from 1 hours to 6 hours. To receive an enrollment form email [email protected].

Outside Classes: District of Columbia Bar Association: Blockchain Workshop

Refer back to this page frequently as new learning opportunities are being developed and will soon be posted.

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