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“The U.S. Court System: Navigating the Digital Frontier –  A Research Study on Resources Used By The US Court System  for Adjudicating Cases Involving Blockchain, Web3, DAOs, AI, and Digital Assets”

The Blockchain Legal Institute is conducting research on what resources are both available, and used, by the U.S. Court system to enhance its knowledge base when adjudicating cases pertaining to the utilization of blockchain technology, Web3, DAOs, artificial intelligence, digital asset and other topics related to innovative technological developments. Courts rely on legal research to understand relevant laws, statutes, regulations and precedents (previous court decisions) that apply to the case being presented. This research is often conducted by judges, law clerks, and legal staff.  Legal research can involve reviewing statutes, regulations, case law, legal treatises, and legal opinions to determine how the law should be applied to the specific issues in the case

If you are within our U.S. Court System or have navigated our U.S. Court System and would like to participate in this study (IRL or anonymously), complete the following form for a confidential interview.  Email [email protected] if you would like to be a researcher or share information.


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